Life continues to move at a faster and faster pace it seems. As I get older, it seems as though the days, weeks, and months speed up and shorten my life. However, in times of pause, I like to reflect on what God is doing, has done, and will do. As someone who has always searched for balance, not only have I never found it but right when I think I have a balance within me, life seems to throw a curveball. Maybe that’s because life is never balanced. Just like the eternal wave that never reaches the shore, so does life only ride on the highs and lows.

Music is Life

Just like a beautiful pianist, playing soft notes at a slow pace then suddenly accelerating into a full entourage at an incredible speed, placing a vibrato just before the end of the tune.  In the tune, even as the rhythm changes the overall balance of the song stays harmonious. Instead of waiting for the vibrato that signals the end of the tune, focusing on anticipating the rhythm changes or trying to keep everything in balance, it is better to focus on the harmony of life.

Balance is a point between two opposite forces that is desirable over purely one state or the other. Whereas harmony is an order or congruity of parts to their whole or to one another. Focusing on a desirable point is like trying to stay in one place on the sea during a storm. Yes, sometimes the storms subside and there is calm but the moon is always shifting the tide despite our best efforts to stay still. Instead of focusing on the desired balance in life organize the congruity of parts within your life to focus on the season of life you are in.