Hello and welcome to my blog. Information is abundant nowadays, but I am glad you have come here with an open mind and spirit. I take my faith seriously. My faith enwraps my entire life and will underline each of my posts. As an open-minded individual, I am always down for a conversation. The best place to connect with me is LinkedIn.

About Me

As someone who enjoys exploring the latest no-code digital solutions in his free time, I am a firm believer that clear processes with a simple vision increase innovation and scalability. From failing my first SAAS startup at 20 to becoming a full-time freelancer in 2019, I have a passion for helping businesses succeed in today’s digital ecosystem.

I have a BA in Business Administration and Theological Studies from Southern Seminary. I learn by tinkering so I am always discovering cool tech in areas of AI, Software Development, Virtual Reality, Digital Marketing, etc.

Some of my hobbies include working out, playing video games with my friends, blogging, or serving at my local church. I very much enjoy the outdoors and whenever it’s warm enough, I take every opportunity to be outside. As a cheesehead, I am originally from Green Bay Wisconsin, and have lived in Louisville Kentucky for 5 years. When it comes to food, I enjoy a diverse range but particularly like spaghetti and brisket. My favorite genre of food is definitely Mediterranean-style. 

Traveling is a hobby of mine. My parents also love to travel so as a child we also had exciting vacations.  I have been to almost all 50 states in the  USA,  all of the Caribbean islands, and most of Central America. I went to Europe for the first time in 2019 and visited Croatia, Montenegro, and Italy. I hope to continue my travels around the globe and document my experiences. 


I plan to talk about business as missions/social impact and digital transformation in business and in the church. I want this blog to be a place for open discussion as I wrestle with the rapidly changing culture. I plan to analyze current trends, talk about issues in the digital ecosystem, and give tips for solving problems.

As I continue to learn about the world we live in, I have decided to pass on the knowledge to my readers. As I grow this blog I hope to above all add value to your work and bring awareness to the digital ecosystem. I try to make my articles around a thousand words and give practical steps you can take to solve a specific problem in the article discussed.