“Hello Friend,”

Well hello back to you sir.

“My name is Nick. I help individuals throw water on bondfires.”

Good to meet you. What the heck is a bondfire?

“As a business owner, helping your customers and employees is your highest priority. Everyday there are small fires you need to put out. Overtime these “small” fires can turn into a bondfire.”

Ok. What the heck is a bondfire?

Bond•fire: /ˈbändˌfī(ə)r/


  1. An inseparable whirlwind of fire caused by the lack of digital innovation, project management, and strategic planning.

Example: “Bill, you have got to take control of your everyday tasks and business strategy or everything will turn into a massive bondfire”

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“Bondfires happen to the best of us.

I know of very profitable businesses that still fall to bondfires, despite their productivity.”

Man I wish I knew someone who could help me with my bondfires.

“Bondfires happen to the best of us. I know of very profitable businesses that still fall to bondfires, despite their productivity.”

Let us throw water on these bondfires.

Nick Wilger
About Me

“I am known for igniting creativity and productivity around transformative efforts. Let us throw water on your bondfires.”

“Projects I work on tend to take less time, save money, and produce higher quality results.”

Ok, but what if I don’t “need” someone to help me. What will I be missing out on?

“According to G2, 59% of the US workforce now use freelancers like me. Now, you might be thinking, what am I missing out on by not working with you?”

Finally, now we are getting somewhere…

Stop Getting Burned…

If you want to increase revenue through innovation and systematic productivity, then you have a good vision.

Yet, if you find yourself getting bogged down with daily tasks and projects and don’t seem to be innovating then you are probably in the midst of a bondfire.

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Throw Water On …

Take digital innovation seriously and start to see real results. I will work with you to develop a strategy, roadmap, and clear milestones that will transform your business.

I seriously value your business and take ever effort to leave your business in a better state than when I started.

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